The Establishment is a full service recording studio located in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. We provide fast and efficient recording sessions that will save you time, and money, while giving you professional results. I have had years of experience in touring bands, playing shows all over the world, recording my own bands albums in professional studios, as well as working in other professional recording studios. Our goal is to provide a comfortable recording environment, to inspire creativity, and to help artists create the best possible recording.

Live Room – 18′ x 20′ x 11′ ceiling
Control Room – 14′ x 19.5′ x 13′ ceiling (Designed by Jeff Hedback)
Lounge – 12′ x 19.5′

We are located within walking distance from the heart of Downtown Des Moines.  There are many great restaurants, bars, shops, and other things to do in the area.  Listed below the gear section are some of the most popular places to explore while you are here!


-Trident Series 75 (Modded by Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections)
28 Mic/Line Input with EQ on each channel and Direct Out
24 Groups/Monitor Returns
8 Aux Sends/Returns
EQ on the Monitor Section
Onboard Patchabys
-Dangerous 2bus LT summing mixer

-Apple Mac Pro 2×2.66 dual core intel xenon
-Pro Tools HD9
-Lynx Aurora 16-HD ad/da
-Presonus Central Station Passive Monitor Control
-Barefoot MM45 monitors
-Focal Twin6Be monitors
-Yamaha HS5 monitors
-Avantone Active MixCubes
-Furman HDS-6 Headphone distribution amp
-Furman HR-6 individual 6 channel headphone mixers (x3)

-Phoenix Audio drs 8 (8 channels)
-Chandler Limited TG2-500 (2)
-Presonus digimax 96k (8 channels)
-api 550b
-TK Audio BC501 stereo compressor
-dbx 560 (2)
-Countryman DI
-Radial ProRMP (Re-amping)

-Large Diaphragm Condenser:
—AKG c414 xls (matched pair)
—Blue Mouse
—Blue Blueberry

-Small Diaphragm Condenser:
—Neumann KM184 (matched pair)
—AKG c451 (matched pair)

—Shure SM7b (2)
—Shure SM57 (5)
—Shure Beta52
—Audio Technica ATM25 (3)
—AKG D112
—Audix D6
—Yamaha SubKick

—Royer R-121

-Pro Tools HD9
-Logic Pro
-Various plug in bundles (dynamics, EQs, effects)
-Multiple amp modelers
-Steven Slate drum samples
-Custom made drum samples
-Other Various plugins/software

-Orange AD30 single channel
-Orange Thunderverb 30 single channel
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (’92 Black Face/Chrome Chassis 2 channel)
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (3 channel)
-Krank Rev1
-Kemper profiler
-Orange AD200 Bass head
-Darkglass Microtubes900 bass head
-Marshall VS100
-Emperor 6×12 with Weber speakers
-Marshall 1960bx 4×12 with celestion Greenbacks
-VHT Deliverance 4×12 with Eminence speakers
-Orange high powered 4×12
-Mesa Boogie Standard Powerhouse 8×10 bass cab
-Various guitars and drums (please email if you have questions)
(if you would like to use our drums, or guitars, please let me know in advance so we can have new drum heads/strings/etc on the instruments)

-Mid 1980’s ProCo Rat (overdrive)
-Darkglass Super Symmetry (compressor)
-Darkglass b7k ultra (bass preamp/processor)
-Darkglass Alpha/Omega (bass preamp/processor)
-Seymour Duncan Catalina (Chorus)
-Seymour Duncan Studio Bass (compressor)
-Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter (stereo tremelo)
-Sansamp (bass preamp/processor)
-ProCo Rat (overdrive)
-Maxon OD808 (overdrive)
-Maxon Fire (fuzz)
-Maxon Water (fuzz)
-Maxon Void (fuzz)
-MXR Dyna comp (compressor)
-MXR eq
-Boss RV3 (reverb/delay)
-Boss HM2 (distortion)
-Boss DS1 (distortion)
-Boss MT2 (distortion)
-Dunlop Wah (wah)

-37″ TV in the lounge
-Nintendo Wii (various games)

Parking: There is plenty of street parking, as well as a small lot for parking located behind the studio building.



Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full Production (track, edit, mix, master)
  • Pre-production (demo/help write/re-work songs)
  • Drum programing, editing, quantizing
  • Vocal editing, tuning, quantizing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Commercial/stock music production
  • Voice-over
  • Anything not listed above! Just ask!


Cost is often dependent on what you are wanting to accomplish in the studio. Listed below are some set rates, but please contact me with your project, as set rates don’t always fit every unique situation.

HOURLY RATE: $50 (1 hour minimum – best for quick sessions)
RATE PER FULL SONG PRODUCTION: $350 (Best value for EP’s or Full length records when you want a full produced result. This includes ALL Tracking, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. We can also send the final mix to another specific Mastering Engineer if requested.  I recommend at least 1 day for tracking time per track to get the best results!)
PRE-PRODUCTION: $60 per song
MIXING (if I am not also tracking your song): $150 per song
MASTERING (if I am not also tracking/mixing your song): $40 per song

-DRUM EDITING: $50 per song

E-mail if you have any questions at any time:

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards through PayPal.

You may also fill out the form below for booking information….

Fall 2014 update

I have been very busy around The Establishment working on many different projects… here is a quick update! This summer I had an acoustical/studio designer re-design the sound treatment in my control room.  Below is a before, and some progress pics.  It is a constant work in progress as I am doing most of the …



Green Death – Pure Torture (engineer | mixing)
Ghosthive –
Blind Faith Explorer –
Journeys End –
Panthallasa – Temper (engineer | mixing | mastering)
Fatal Addiction –
Index Case – Ocean (engineer | mixing |mastering)
Monday Mourners –
The August Guns –
Desecrate Ethereal –
Switchblade Saturdays –
Murder Earth –
Write – 3 song EP (producer | engineer | mixing)
Green Death – Manufacturing Evil (producer | engineer | mixing)
Take it Back! –
Ghosthive – Born in the Fryer single (engineer | mixing)
Lakeshore –
The Creation Complex –
Acoustica – Day by Day (engineer | mixing | mastering)
Chris Ranallo – Feel Alive & One Love (composition | producer | engineer | mixing)
Panthallasa – Care (producer | engineer | mixing)
Shut In – Crash.Burn. (writer | composition | producer | engineer | mixing)
Ghosthive – 2014 EP (Engineer, Mixing)
Panthallasa – Singles (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Green Death – Death Monks (Vinyl Re-Master)
Chris Ranallo – More Than a Lifetime, Shooting Star, The Other Side (Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Murder Earth – 2014 EP (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Project Atlantis – Forget (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
IVA – Hot Blood (Writer, Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Green Death – Death Monks (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Intentions – Vindicate (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Let//Go – S/T ep (Producer, Engineer)
ZK – (Vocals Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Noah – Sorry for the Weather (Vocals Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Fatal Addiction – Undertow (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Revival – (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Shut In – Old Homes (Writer, Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Elders – Riverbeds (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Former Thieves – Unreleased 3 songs (Vocals Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Fatal Addiction – Fatal Addiction (Re-Mix, Re-Master)
Baltic to Boardwalk – Ghost Towns (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Anthem – Here we Stand (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Brilliant Autumn – Life’s Magnificence (Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Green Death – Dawn of the Death (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Kyle Fadler – One of a Kind (Producer, Composition, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
As Bold as Lions – Deliverance (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Stone Cutters – It’s Not Honest to be Alive (Writer, Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Adoleo – This Hope (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Atombender – Wait of the World (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Divided – Reason to be Lost (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Venia – Buried Alive Cover (Engineer, Mixing)
Elders – Worlds Away (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Signs of Hope – ’10 EP (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Omari – Traveler (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Mark This Day – (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Anthem – (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
A Cause to Prosper – Obey (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Brothers Loyalty – (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Our Life Story – Shorelines (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Goodbye Kai – Goodbye Kai (Engineer, Mixing)
Just For Today – Celebrate (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Take it Back! – Atrocities (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
The Still Sound – (Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
Keep And Confess – Stigmata (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Atombender – Wait of the World (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
Among the Living – The Cause of Darkness (Writer, Composition, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)


Griffin Landa: Owner, Musician, Producer, Engineer.

Griffin Landa started The Establishment during the year of 2009 in Minneapolis, MN. While in Minneapolis, Griffin and his partners quickly gained national popularity after the first record to come out of The Estab was released. Take it Back! “Atrocities,” which was released by Facedown Records in November of 2009 was Engineered and mixed by Griffin Landa. For the next two years Griffin would go on to record countless acts from all over the United States, including Venia, Signs of Hope, Elders, Anthem etc. In early 2011 Griffin moved The Establishment to its current location in Downtown Des Moines, IA. He has quickly gained world wide attention working on records released by Take it Back! (Arkansas), Shut In (Iowa/New York/Chicago), IVA (Iowa, Virginia) , As Bold as Lions (Canada) and Venia (Minnesota). Griffin has been involved in the music business since writing, recording and touring with Too Pure to Die (Sumerian/Trustkill Records) and will give your project the time, and care that it deserves to make the very best end result.  Along with owning/operating The Establishment, Griffin is now also the Bassist in The Acacia Strain.

Andrew Ferren: Musician, Producer, Engineer.
Bio coming soon….



The Establishment is located in Downtown Des Moines, IA.  Please contact me for the exact studio address.

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